Cure and Care

Two months ago, my mother, who has dementia, fell. The memory care facility called me and I rushed over; by then the parademics were getting ready to load her onto a gurney. I can't describe that moment yet. And here is where I say Mom is still alive and back in the memory care unit… Continue reading Cure and Care

Echoes of Ourselves

Like Substack but with less stackin'. Prince Sticks Up for Teachers at Age 11 In April 1970, Prince was eleven years old and Minneapolis teachers were on strike. In recently discovered footage shot by WCCO, the Twin Cities' CBS affiliate, there is Prince, confident but with a familiar shyness, sticking up for the teachers. When… Continue reading Echoes of Ourselves

On Unity

To the White people in the room I would ask, What do you mean by unity? It's a word like others that gets tossed around in public relations statements and mission statements with the assumption that everyone knows what the word means—as if we have all agreed. Oneness of purpose. The inclusion of all. A… Continue reading On Unity