Blind Engineer

Blind Engineer is Robert Loss’s current band. It features Bill Heingartner on drums, Eric Nassau on bass, Jesse Charles on lead guitars, and Loss on rhythm guitars and lead vox.

The band’s new full-length album, Human Capital, will be released Oct. 2, 2020.


The Big Restless (2016, EP). A humid, noir-inflected portrait of wanderers, upstarts, and small-town prisoners, The Big Restless calls on the rural gothic of Mark Lanegan, the rambunctious spirit of The Felice Brothers, and the spare working-class sonics of The Vulgar Boatmen, The Silos, and Darkness-era Springsteen. Available for download at Bandcamp. The download comes with a lyric sheet PDF. CDs are also available.

Black-Letter Ballads, vol. 2 (2013). Blind Engineer began as a 2011 solo home-recording project by Loss. This is a digital download-only album of twenty-one home recordings saturated in hiss and adventure that sound like they were recorded in the back of a speeding ’88 Lincoln Towncar. Also available at Bandcamp.

Live in the offices of The Dispatch….2016