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Slow Writing

The “presentism” diagnosed by Douglas Rushkoff in his book Present Shock has now, in this shelter-in-place era of COVID-19, revealed its most neurotic symptoms: near-total absorption into the endless stream of news and commentary, mental fluttering without end, and yet, a near-total inability to say anything. Or to write anything. For me, at least. Setting […]

Getting There

The majority of this site is in place, finally. I’ll be redirecting my Nothing Has Been Done Before site here; it doesn’t make any sense to keep two websites going with so many overlapping purposes and resources. All of the book resources have been transferred here. I hope to get more photos and music uploaded […]

Brief Review of Novelty: A History of the New

One of my recent goals is to have more of a presence at Goodreads, and so it makes sense to write some reviews. When they concern my own book, I’ll post a link here at my site–which is what I’m doing tonight with Michael North’s Novelty: A History of the New. It’s an off-the-cuff review, […]

PopMatters Updates

My new new column is up at PopMatters: “Kanye West: The Iconoclast Gives In.” Go there now! So, yeah, the essay is about exactly what you think it’s about: how newness has led Kanye astray. (That’s what you were expecting, right?) Unfortunately it’s not exactly an artistic newness, which is why it’s taken him into […]


Um, been a while. That means I’ve been busy. Updates are best found at the website for my book, Nothing Has Been Done Before. Here are a couple of direct links, though: Review of Nothing Has Been Done Before at PopMatters. An expanded version of the talk I gave this past week at the Prince […]

Prince and The Event

This talk was originally presented at the “Prince from Minneapolis” conference held at the University of Minnesota April 16-18, 2018. While it establishes the same arguments I make in the Prince chapter in Nothing Has Been Done Before about why Prince in the 1980s qualifies as an event (as the philosopher Alain Badiou defines the […]


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