33 1/3 Takeover Days 4 & 5

Catching up with the final two installments of my behind-the-scenes blogging at 33 1/3's great website. Read Day 4, "American Studies," and Day 5, "Alternate Takes and Outtakes." Both cover topics I'll revisit here on the site eventually. Again, many thanks to the Bloomsbury Academic staff for letting me share more about Nothing Has Been... Continue Reading →

33 1/3 Takeover Day 3: Dylan

Many thanks again to the Bloomsbury Academic staff for letting me talk about my book on the 33 1/3 blog. Today's installment: Dylan and the Nobel Prize. Sort of. I reflect on writing the Dylan chapter in Nothing Has Been Done Before, a trip to NYC, interviewing Boris Groys, and wondering how to account for... Continue Reading →

Day Two of 333Sound Takeover

Today's guest post at 33 1/3 Books' blog is an extended timeline of the book's main concerns, starting with Dan Emmett and the Snowdens in 1859 and leapfrogging to the present day. Tomorrow: a little story about Bob Dylan, the Nobel, and a trip to New York City.

Guest Bloggin’ at 33 1/3 Books

With many thanks to Bloomsbury Academic's staff, I'll be guest blogging about Nothing Has Been Done Before at 33 1/3 Books' site 333sound.com this week, starting today with a post about the book and why I wrote it. Today's post also links to the Spotify playlist for the book that I posted here last week.... Continue Reading →

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