Two-Song Review: “Daddy and the Wine” and “I Drink”

"Daddy and the Wine" and "I Drink" were both featured back-to-back in a first-season episode of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour in May 2006. When I hear the songs now, bars, not people, come to mind: dusty, thin-carpeted rooms that are dark in the afternoon, a shaft of sunlight entering through one window, tipping its hat, and walking right back out through the front door.

One-Song Review: “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea

Adventures in brief music criticism. Off-the cuff-rambling. One song, one performance. Studio or live, it matters not. Probably on Mondays.  "It's not the writer's job to tell us how somebody felt about something, it's to tell us how the world works." – Zadie Smith "Fancy," the jam of the summer by Iggy Azalea, tells us how... Continue Reading →

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