Robert Loss studied writing at Ohio Wesleyan University with Robert Flanagan and earned an MFA in creative writing at Ohio State under the guidance of Erin McGraw, Lee Martin, and a bevy of excellent folks. His writing is concerned with ordinary, complicated characters and often leans toward the philosophical, spiritual, and political. He is currently working on two novels and collection of short stories. 

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Publications

“Ring Around the Moon.” 2 Bridges Review. Vol. 5, Summer 2016. Print only.

“Lucky’s Soliloquy”. MAYDAY Magazine. Vol. 4, Summer 2011. Online.

“Back to Canaan”. Filigree. Vol. 2, Summer 2011. Print.  (Reprinted in Botticelli, vol. 6, Fall 2014. Online.)

“Midwestern Doxology”. Oxford Magazine. Vol. XXIII. 2009. Online. (creative non-fiction; link defunct)