Listening To: Pop Resistance

I’m looking forward to this event coming up Thursday Feb. 15 in which I get to not only discuss Afrofuturism and pop music’s political resistance, but I get to do so with Sharon Udoh of the terrific local band Counterfeit Madison. “Listening To: Pop Resistance” will be an informal listening event featuring plenty of music + video. What’s more, we’ll be IN the Beeler Gallery interacting with a new installation by artist Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann. 6:30PM, Beeler Gallery at CCAD. Free. Here’s the Facebook event page. And a bit of description:

Robert Loss, Assistant Professor at Columbus College of Art & Design, leads a listening event on Afrofuturism and pop music since 2000, based on his new book Nothing Has Been Done Before (Bloomsbury). In talking about the music of Janelle Monáe, Loss writes “Monáe’s commitment to her cyborg persona not only shows how any performer struggles with the pressure to construct a simplified self, it also makes us ask more questions, questions that might lead to the expansion of what identity means in the first place.”

Special Guest: Sharon Udoh of Counterfeit Madison

Counterfeit Madison is the musical manifestation of Columbus, Ohio residents Sharon Udoh, Adam Hardy, and Seth Daily. Udoh is a versatile artist; her funky yet classical piano-playing and soul and gospel-tinged voice comfortably compliment Hardy’s grungy yet melodic style and Daily’s dynamic and driving rhythms. The great American songwriter John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats says the following of Counterfeit Madison, about their first album, Opened And Shut: “A follower sent me a link to this ridiculously talented songwriter. Try the third tune, “Don’t Cry Wolf,” first, then dig into the rest. Wow, wow. Expect to hear more from Counterfeit Madison, I’d guess.“

Go here to learn more about CCAD’s exhibit and visiting artist schedule this spring, and to see how this event fits into the ongoing conversations we’re having.

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