Guest Bloggin’ at 33 1/3 Books

With many thanks to Bloomsbury Academic’s staff, I’ll be guest blogging about Nothing Has Been Done Before at 33 1/3 Books’ site this week, starting today with a post about the book and why I wrote it. Today’s post also links to the Spotify playlist for the book that I posted here last week.

Other days will include a timeline of the book, a story about a trip to New York when Dylan won the Nobel Prize, some thoughts about what’s so “American” about certain songs in the book, and a few outtakes. Each post has either YouTube embeds or a Spotify playlist of some kind.

If you haven’t read any of the 33 1/3 books, you should check them out. My book is part of the Alternate Takes series, which is a sister series to 33 1/3. Both are published by Bloomsbury Academic.

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