Fun Home 2

Welcome to Fun Home 2! You’ll be expected to finish this unit between Tuesday March 31 and Sunday April 5, when you’ll upload your “Fun Home 2 Weekly Journal” to GoStudio.

We have two objectives for this lesson plan:

1. Apply basic psychoanalytical criticism to Fun Home, including the subjects of repression, coding, and memory, in order to understand how they work in Bechdel’s memoir comics.

2. Connect that subject matter to the broader topic of memoir comics in general, and comics’ ability to have an impact on culture.

Let’s look at the steps and activities you’ll complete:

  • Day 1 (begin Tues March 31)

    1. Read about psychoanalytical criticism at Purdue OWL

    2. Watch at least one video on psychoanalytical criticism

    3. Make sure you’ve read the Gardner essay through p. 6

    4. Watch “FH 2” video lecture

    5. Do the homework for Thursday’s class (see below).

  • Day 2 (Thurs April 2)

    Take part in the Build-a-Glossary activity live during our scheduled class time as well as participate in a Hangouts chat.

  • Final Step (Sun April 5)

    Upload your “Fun Home 2 Weekly Journal” to GoStudio.

Let’s get started….

Day 1 (Tues March 31)

Step One. Read the Purdue OWL’s overview of psychoanalytical criticism here.

STEP TWO. Watch at least one of the two videos below. The first goes into more detail about more psychoanalysis terms, while the second goes into more detail about how psychoanalytical criticism applies to literature.

STEP THREE. Make sure you’ve read Jared Gardner’s essay, “Autobiography’s Biography” through page 6. It’s on GoStudio but I’ll upload it below for you to download.

STEP FOUR. Watch the “Fun Home 2: Gaps, Erasures, and Other Lacunae” video lecture below. I’m combining a PowerPoint presentation with a live capture and voice-over narration, so the PowerPoint won’t be uploaded. However, I’ve uploaded the script below the video if you’d like to save it.

Also, here’s the interview with Bechdel I show an excerpt from during the presentation:

HOMEWORK. For Thursday’s live class, here’s what you’ll need to have done:

1. Choose one term from any of the Day 1 material: the Purdue OWL page on psychoanalytical criticism, either of the videos, Gardner’s essay, or my lecture, or the Bechdel interview video. You might choose something as broad as the “unconscious” or the “ego,” or more specific terms like “sublimation” or “lacuna.”

2. For the term you choose, find an example of it from Fun Home that you can write about. Anywhere in the book is fine.

3. Your glossary entry for the term won’t be a definition of the term itself, but rather a paragraph (100 words?) explaining how the term/concept works in the example you’ve chosen from Fun Home. We are only interested in these terms as they relate to Bechdel’s graphic memoir. You’ll be asked to upload an image of the page or panel you’re discussing by using either a scanner or just by taking a photo of it with your phone.

Awesome job! Here’s a video of raccoons doing funny things:

Day 2 (Thurs April 2)

Today you’ll need to access GoStudio at 3:30pm. We’re going to also try having a Google Hangouts ZOOM session open. You’ll get an email from me.

We have two goals: (1) Everyone uploads their contributions to the glossary. You don’t have to do this before class (you can if you like). If someone else has added something for your term, that’s okay, you should be able to add your writing and photo as a response.

(2) We’ll discuss these entries as they’re developed and I can field your questions. As we talk, I’d like you to respond/add to at least one entry you didn’t write about. So for instance, if you wrote about the unconscious in Fun Home, comment on the entry for sublimation.

If you are unable to make the forum at this time, don’t worry. Just make sure you post your glossary entry and respond to at least one other. You’ll need this for your Weekly Journal. If you have any technical difficulties, don’t hesitate to be in touch with me. Refer to the Revised Syllabus for my contact info.

Read the requirements for the Weekly Journal below so you know what to be working on between now and Sunday.

Final Step (Sunday April 5)

Today you’ll need to upload your Fun Home 2 Weekly Journal. Here’s what it needs to include:

  1. Your glossary entry, including the page/pane from Fun Home.
  2. NEW: A brief reflection on the glossary activity. Did someone add info to your term that was helpful? Did you disagree with an interpretation? What would you like to learn more about? Aim for half a page double-spaced.
  3. NEW: Respond to the following: Suppose someone says, “There’s no point in reading about just one person’s trauma, repression, memories, or sexuality, etc. Studies of, and statistics about, many people and their experiences are more valuable.” Having read Fun Home, how would you respond, and why might it make a difference that this is a comic? Aim for half a page double-spaced. Be as personal and reflective as you wish.

Upload this to the GoStudio dropbox in the weekly section.

You’re done!!

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