PopMatters: Wild Wild Country

My most recent column at PopMatters is here. After being emotionally and ideologically messed with (in a good way) by the documentary Wild Wild Country, I had to write about Bill Calahan's song "Drover," how it's used in the film, and the many layers of meaning and response--which, like the film, kept expanding. Here's an… Continue reading PopMatters: Wild Wild Country

Not NHBDB: Protomartyr at PopMatters

My most recent column is up at PopMatters. This month it concerns the awesome Detroit band Protomartyr, mentioned briefly in Nothing Has Been Done Before. Here's an excerpt from the essay: Relatives in Descent is, musically, a more contemplative and less full-throttle Protomartyr album than the three which precede it. I almost wrote "intellectual", which… Continue reading Not NHBDB: Protomartyr at PopMatters