Built To Spill, “Cortez The Killer”

In the category of “Did Not Know I Needed This,” Built To Spill clocks in with a twenty-minute “Cortez The Killer,” the Neil Young anti-colonialism song. My mother is now in a memory care facility. The last five minutes of BTS’ performance, recorded live somewhere, gets at the feeling.

Blind Engineer Returns with Human Capital

My band’s first full-length has been available for some time over on Bandcamp in digital and CD formats. We’re also on the Spotify and other streaming sites. We also have a kick-ass t-shirt for your consumption! Pic follows the embed.


Recently I was thrilled to present at another Prince symposium organized by the incredible De Angela Duff and her team of Arthur Turnbull and Krysta Battersby. This was the second year that the symposium was virtual, and despite a few hiccups with the hosting platform, it was a smooth experience. The topics? Controversy at 40 years, Diamonds and Pearls at 30, and The Rainbow Children at 20. Thus: 1+1+1=3. So these are three of my… Continue Reading →

This Week’s EP

April 2021 All-Neil Young Edition Since last fall, Neil Young has released the massive box set, Neil Young Archives, Vol. II (1972-1976), Way Down In The Rust Bucket (a live album with Crazy Horse, recorded in 1990), and Young Shakespeare (a solo live album recorded in 1971). Crazy Horse wins the day. I don’t know what it is–other than Billy Talbot (bass) and Ralph Molina (drums) being both rocksteady and loose as gravel, Frank “Poncho”… Continue Reading →

On Unity

To the White people in the room I would ask, What do you mean by unity? It’s a word like others that gets tossed around in public relations statements and mission statements with the assumption that everyone knows what the word means—as if we have all agreed. Oneness of purpose. The inclusion of all. A community of equal footing for everyone in the community. But in that word there lives a ghost of hypocrisy, a… Continue Reading →

Slow Writing 2

My sense of faith, in the secular sense, is tested by my odd sense of careerism. Too often concerned about success, I become frozen by whatever Big Idea I’m chasing at the time and neglect the ordinary, plugging-away-at-it work I should be doing. If I were to have faith that actually doing the work would lead to a sustainable, ethical, and satisfying life, perhaps I would actually do the work regularly. More than nine months… Continue Reading →

Red Wheelbarrow and Botticelli

Red Wheelbarrow: The Podcast and the new issue of Botticelli are online! Check them out here. Things, as you know, got weird this spring. But over at CCAD we managed to get through it, buoyed as always by our incredible students. Usually there’s a year-end show called CHROMA, a big to-do, campus-wide. And usually our part to play is a final Red Wheelbarrow reading featuring student winners of our Creative Writing Awards and some of… Continue Reading →

Ghost Train

I’ve been trying to find a way I can help those in need, so I’ve decided to open my vaults! The first release is GHOST TRAIN: LIVE 2013, an 8-song set of me, solo, recorded in January 2013 at Eric Nassau‘s annual house concert, The Chocolate Party. Give it a spin here. You can listen for free. The download is $5. 100% of my proceeds from Bandcamp will go to the RAMBLING HOUSE fundraiser for… Continue Reading →


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