Ghost Train

I’ve been trying to find a way I can help those in need, so I’ve decided to open my vaults! The first release is GHOST TRAIN: LIVE 2013, an 8-song set of me, solo, recorded in January 2013 at Eric Nassau‘s annual house concert, The Chocolate Party. Give it a spin here.

You can listen for free. The download is $5. 100% of my proceeds from Bandcamp will go to the RAMBLING HOUSE fundraiser for its staff. If you can, please consider buying a copy and/or spreading the word. Many thanks to Geoff Wilcox and, of course, to Eric, my longtime pal and beloved troubadour.

The set is a mix of then-new and old songs, including “Ghost Train,” which I’ve never released, and “On the Loose” from my Forsaken EP. The download has been gently remixed from a good audience recording and is, I think, the set in order. (Eric sings and plays a shaker!) You also get front and back cover jpegs. Also, I don’t know who recorded this–so if it was you, please let me know, I want to give you credit.

I’ve got a handful of other releases in the works for this purpose, most of it solo stuff but also the two Wells albums. Watch this space.

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