My Short Story “Ring Around the Moon” in 2 Bridges Review

My short story “Ring Around the Moon” is in the new issue of 2 Bridges Review. The online issue hasn’t been uploaded yet, but I understand it should be shortly. Hard copy in photo below (next to cat card for my birthday from my fiancee). Demand that your bookseller carry 2 Bridges!

“Ring Around the Moon” is an example of a story going through many changes in revision. Normal plot, character, dialogue changes, of course. It was originally in first-person, then I switched it to third-, present-tense for a stronger sense of objectivity. This lead to the emergence of a more direct third-person narrator who editorializes. I’ve been fascinated by this “antiquated” use of point of view recently. Also, the story had numerous previous titles: “Greater Deeds Than These” (too heavy-handed), “Sick” (too Raymond Carver), “Marvel” (closer), and then the current title.

The story is part of a collection I’m shopping around right now.

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