Super Bowl Halftime Isn’t For Old People?

Or so says USA Today in responding with its typical seventh-grade reading level to tonight’s Katy Perry performance at the halftime show of the Super Bowl:

“Perry is the world’s most followed Twitter user (64.3 million and counting) and a popular, energetic female pop star who sings songs with catchy hooks. She’s someone in the prime of her career and adored by the NFL’s target demographic: young people. Katy Perry is what a Super Bowl halftime show should be. Rather than dragging out The Who or Tom Petty for a medley of songs that were on “Greatest Hits” albums before Katy Perry was born, get someone actually relevant today.”

I’m all for Katy Perry at the Super Bowl, but damn this is insulting, no? Back in the box, old people!

Apparently the shelf-life of relevance, whatever the hell that really means, is getting shorter. Later in the article, its author wonders why Missy Elliott was included:

“Just when the Super Bowl halftime show threatened to be relevant to the current zeitgeist, Perry trots out a rapper whose last song to hit the charts was in 2008 and peaked at No. 95. Though Missy is a fine rapper, she’s probably unknown to a vast majority of the viewing audience, which is why it was so odd for Perry to hype her like she wanted fans to expect Elvis to enter the building.”

I don’t know, maybe it’s because she’s a huge fan of Elliott?

Anyway, I liked the Transformers lion/tiger and the dancing sharks. Spectacle wins again.


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